1: What happens on the day?

One of the JSF presenters will present one of our simulation programmes at your school. Learners will put theory into practice by playing four rounds of Peter van Ryneveld’s world renowned business simulation game, Banango Traders. In addition learners will complete assessment tasks that will count towards their year mark.

2: Where is it presented?

Usually in your school hall or any other venue that is big enough to accommodate the size of the group.

3: How long does it take?

A full school day-a minimum of six hours are required.

4: Is there an alternative to the six hour programme?

A correspondence programme is available for all grades.

5: Is the material available in other languages?

All our material is available in English and Afrikaans.

6: Is there any follow-up work?

No, but we provide additional assessments should you want to give learners additional tasks to complete after the day.

7: Do the educators have to mark anything?

No. All assessments covered on the day are marked by the JSF and can just be transferred to the educator’s marks list. In some of the senior programmes we do give the option of additional assessments. Please note that we do not mark additional assessments

8: Does the programme meet the NCS requirements?

Yes and all learning outcomes and assessment standard covered are indicated on the material handed out to the learners on the training day.