These programmes are presented at your school as a 5-6 hour workshop and takes a full school day to complete. Alternatively, for senior learners, the game can be played as a correspondence game over a number of weeks during class periods.

During the day we cover:

  • 4 rounds of the Business Simulation Game
  • customized curriculum assessments (time dependant)

You receive:

  • An individual booklet for each learner’s portfolio
  • Additional assessments

PLEASE NOTE: We will mark most of the assessments with the learners on the simulation day but due to time constraints and extent of these programmes additional assessments will not be marked by Banango Traders. A marking memo will be provided to the educators for these assessments.

The material includes:


Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Cash flow vs profit


Grade 12 project


Asset management and depreciation

Ratio analysis and interpretation


Budgeting and analysis

Directors, auditor’s and King’s reports

Salaries and wages

Bank reconciliation

Report writing

*Please note: We can design or customize assessments according to your needs when given notice in good time.